My Mourning After Piece in The Huffington Post

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The Huffington Post has published a blog post of mine!! A fan favorite and funny little ditty of a tale: Writer Separation Anxiety. Readers of The Memory Box will enjoy this piece I wrote the day after I finished writing the book. Please feel free to share it, laugh out loud, like it on HuffPo or leave a comment.

Photo credit: Quinn Dombrowski

I’m not ashamed to admit I’m afflicted with writer separation anxiety. Hopefully others, by reading this, will come forward. There’s strength in numbers. It may not plague the majority of writers, but that doesn’t make us freaks. Why do you think there are so many serial authors?

I know I should’ve been ecstatic, but when I finished writing my first novel — I was bereft. I couldn’t stop thinking about Caroline, Andy, Lilly, all my characters. We’d been together for so long. It’s not a secret that I spent more time with them than my real family. I never prepared myself for life without them. continue reading


  1. Thanks Eva–this was such fun but not only was it “Writers’ Separation Anxiety” but an addiction to Oreo cookies. . . 🙂 J

    1. I’m with you there, Judee! It’s the original for me… I don’t want no stinkin’ Double Stuff!

  2. It’s hard to leave good friends. There is always the mourning after.

    1. You know it, Nance! thanks for stopping by…

  3. I have a strange and eerie feeling that I will have the same problem when my book ends… I already miss my characters whenever I had do force myself to rest so as not to make my carpal tunnel worse… I guess I should get those Oreo cookies ready.

    1. Don’t forget the milk!

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