How to Write, How to Blog or How to Craft: An Easy Tutorial


Have you ever wanted to try your hand at writing, but didn’t know where to begin? How about blogging? Or crafting? Well, it’s all here in one super easy tutorial. Check out my newest post on the HuffPo:

Easy Tutorial: How to Write, or How to Make Paper Snowball Garlands

photo by Turinboy

(Read now and receive two Bonus Features: How to Craft and How to Blog)

There are two easy steps to learn how to write. Simply put, one needs to: arrange a selection of words into a particular order. More to the point: select words and arrange them. Or, as I like to refer to it: S & A.

That’s it!

The most difficult thing about writing is knowing which words to select and what order to put them in. Once you’ve mastered that, writing can be quite rewarding and sometimes even enjoyable. continue reading



  1. Very funny! Glad you’re a regular on Huffington Post. Way to go!

    1. Hi Eva! So great to see you. Thanks for reading!

    • ranacom

    • 10 years ago

    Hi Eva–

    This was so funny. I forwarded it to my writers group.

    And I commented. Although I’m never certain I’ve posted in a way my comment will appear.

    Happy Sunday.


    1. It just did, BB! Thanks for passing this on to your writers group. I hope they were able to catch the change of the seasons!

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