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photo by Meme Binge

Nestled peacefully under my comforter, I heard my bedroom door swoosh open with a sense of urgency. A second later, inches from my head, I heard, “Honey!” It was my husband’s aggressive whisper. The kind that’s meant to be in a hushed tone but comes out louder than a normal speaking voice.

I was in that perfectly-aligned-body-parts guaranteed-deep-glorious-sleep position. My limbs were at the melting-into-the-mattress stage. My mind was not far behind my body, already in a half-doze. The timing was crucial. I couldn’t move a muscle, lest I wake myself up. That included my mouth. Responding to my husband would be limited. A grunt was all I could offer.

He took the grunt as a sign to converse. “There’s a parental lock on one of the TV channels. What’s that about? When did we have a parental lock? What’s the code?” continue reading


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  1. Thank you for making me laugh, Eva. I get so frustrated with all the passwords we need to have!

    1. Katia, I feel guilty that you are reading my post. If you’re going to take a break, you should go for a walk, or take a nap, or read a book or go to the opera. Maybe you are enjoying some more free time this week. If so, have fun!

      1. But I had so much fun reading your post, Eva! Would you deny me that? One thing I have missed, is reading things I want to read, and that includes my friends’ blogs.

  2. This was hilarious because it is so true.

    1. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. LOL—Thank you, Eva! Someone else has that same darn problem. . . . 🙂

    1. And I tried using the same one for everything, but that doesn’t work either. Good to see you, Judee!

  4. Oh the passcode! I had one on my tv when my kids were all living here and much younger. My teenaged son tried so hard to break the code. It was so clever- our house number.
    I felt like a magician every time they begged me to turn off the lock on a PG 13 movie. They never figured it out!

    1. I know that magician feeling, Annette — such power!! So funny!

    • Lillie Bryen

    • 9 years ago

    Once again, you took a common frustration and made it charming and delightful to witness. More, please.

    1. Thanks Lillie, I wish my husband thought it was charming and delightful… 😉

  5. hilarious! And I’m so glad you wrote. I missed your blogs.

    1. Hi Eva, so happy to see you! thanks for stopping by. I know it’s been a while… trying to get blogging more regularly!

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