Bookbaby’s Inaugural Independent Authors Conference is in the Books



What a weekend! Bookbaby’s inaugural Indie Authors Conference, which took place in Philadelphia this past weekend, was a big success. On Saturday, I spoke to the attendees about how to give their books the best chance for success by releasing the strongest book they could,  maximizing all their opportunities, and to be ready to launch firing on all cylinders. The authors in attendance were hungry for information to take their books to the next level. I loved seeing the enthusiasm!

On Sunday, my talk was about What Authors Need to Do on Goodreads. It was crazy fun. Lots of interaction with a group of smart, talented, AMBITIOUS authors who filled the seats, sat on the floor and stood in the aisles! These writers knew that being an authorpreneur takes a wide skill set. I commend them all for their drive. It was wonderful to meet in person a few of my author clients who I have coached on book marketing, to see a former Estee Lauder colleague, Phylis Melhado (who has an amazing manuscript –can’t wait for that to get published!), and a group of writers who I met at a book club they invited me to last spring what a surprise to see them there! (talking about you, Kim Harwanko!).



I was happy to meet another speaker, Joel Friedlander, who I’ve followed over the years and met for the first time. I recommend you follow his site asap ( And Elizabeth Marshall, a thought leader consultant who moderated the panel, Traditional Book Marketing Techniques, which I spoke on. She is so good at what she does! I even had a reunion with a fellow MVICW writer, Rena Potok!

Writers, put BookBaby’s Independent Author Conference on your radar for next November. This was my take-away from the weekend: writers need to hang with their peeps every once in a while, learn techniques and strategies on how to find their readers and plan for longevity and get inspired to stay motivated. I raise a glass to those authors. Go Get ‘Em!

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    1. Thanks, Jane!

    • Lillie bryen

    • 7 years ago

    Wow Eva – you have gone from writer to best selling author to teacher! What an amazing journey so far! You inspire us all and we can’t wait to see your next move (was it by chance I just typed “movie” by mistake?)!

    1. Oh, I hope that was a foreshadowy non-mistake!

  2. Wish I could have been there to hear and cheer for my favorite authoress! Great tips in your blog as always. Makes me think about writing something again….probably something about being 87!! Hopefully I can still be coherent.

    1. Yes! Please write something about being 87 . . . or about anything. I know I speak for many when I say we would love to read it!

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