Bad Book Reviews: One Author’s Reaction

faces in the crowd

faces in the crowd

It is widely known that if you’re fortunate enough to have written and published a book and lucky enough to have people talk about it, comments will run the gamut from good to bad, with many shades of mediocre in between. I say lucky enough to have people talk about it because that’s the point, isn’t it? One of them. In the most basic terms, provoking a reaction is one of an artist’s motivations. And let’s face it; these days if there’s a reaction to anything, God knows, it’s not a private one. We are, as a generation, more public than public was ever meant to be—about everything. So knowing all this up front, as an author, is it possible to prepare yourself for polar reactions?

Yes, I believe you can. However just because you are prepared for this, it doesn’t protect you from feeling unsettled when the bad ones appear like storm clouds over your beach blanket. All the preparation in the world will not shield your ego or arm your teetering self-esteem. What’s worse is if you’re like me, continue reading

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    • Lillie Bryen

    • 9 years ago

    Great perspective on how we should process any negativity in our lives. Love the photo.

    1. I knew you’d like that image, Lillie!

  1. When I see someone rate a book I love with less stars on Goodreads, when someone says they don’t “get” a movie I adored, I shake my head. But, we all have individual tastes, and reviews sure reveal a wide variety. Maybe one day I’ll be as brave as you are and let others read my work. Until then, my hates off to you for your own bravery.

    1. Annette, I am looking forward to that day! Keep us posted… and thanks for stopping by!

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