Self-Published Book Bumps ‘The Girl On The Train’ Out of the Top Spot



photo by MTA

The day my book made it to the number one spot on the best seller list of psychological thrillers, I knew that meant it finally bumped The Girl On The Train off the perch it had practically owned for the last year. That was a big deal for me. Mostly because my book is self-published. Any self-published author knows how difficult it is to compete with other indie books, not to mention, traditionally published ones.

My readers were incredibly excited. They sent lots of congratulations. I found myself responding to the kudos with things like, well, my book is . . . continue reading

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  1. Well done, Eva…so excited for you and wish you continued success. ~nan


    • 8 years ago

    Yup. Absolutely nothing to apologize for. Indeed, lots to take a bow for.

    Great piece.


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