Z100 Elvis Duran Show: My Live Appearance with Bad Hair and Pajamas


It may come as no surprise to you that since I’m an author my office is at home. And being a mother of two teenagers, that means for the time they’re at home my kids are at work with me. So, that means, they’ve seen everything. Good days at the office. Bad days at the office. Failure, success, and everything in between.

You can imagine how exciting it was for them to experience the day my book hit the USA Today Bestseller list. Or the day it was the #1 book on Amazon. And Barnes & Noble. And iBooks. And how excited they must’ve been when it hit the New York Times Bestseller list. But no, nothing could compare to the most thrilling success I’ve achieved as an author according to my kids:

The morning I was live on the Z100 Elvis Duran Show.oorft8r0k4k64yu1mzeh_400x400

It was so much fun being on air! Especially since later in the morning I heard from my college roommate who was driving her daughter to school and heard me on the radio all the way in Vermont! And a high school friend who was at work where they play Z100 in the office also heard it! It’s a small world. Some devout listeners of the Elvis Show also got in touch once they bought and read The Memory Box after hearing about it that morning. Thank you, Stacey, Jennifer, Gail and others!

Radio is amazing, you can appear live on air and never have to worry about a bad hair day or that you’re still in pajamas. 😉

I only get to listen to Elvis, Bethany, Greg T and Danielle in the car while driving my son to school, because once I’m home, I get straight into writing mode. No radio. No music. Just me and my thoughts. That’s why I need to give my friend, Lillie, a shout-out. She was listening when they announced their Topic Train about “authors.” She called me on the bat phone (the only phone I answer when I’m in writing mode) to tell me to hurry up and call into the station. I was so lucky they answered my call. Thank you, Lillie!

You can listen to my entire serendipitous 1-minute and 20-second brush with fame, just click the link above (thank you, Jessica!).


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    • Lillie

    • 8 years ago

    It was absolutely thrilling hearing you on the radio. Amazing how you just dove in like that, so early in the morning – bad hair and all!
    I have the same feeling I had when I read the The Memory Box: I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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