Who Says A Self-Published Book Can’t Get Into Barnes & Noble?




Years ago, when I first contemplated self-publishing my novel, I remember noting that one of the downsides would be that I’d never see my book in Barnes & Noble. To see your book in Barnes & Noble has been the holy grail of publishing for many first-time authors since the invention of the written word. It’s not like I had snubbed my nose at traditional publishing, in fact, it was more the other way around. The point is, I didn’t have a choice. If I wanted my book published, I’d need to do it myself. As for getting my book into bookstores, or B&N, I promised myself that I’d figure that out. “I’ll figure that out” became my mantra for much of the indie book process. So was “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Lucky for me that while I was figuring things out, as I continue to do every day, the publishing world has been evolving. Rules change every day. Change happens every day. Sometimes the change will first happen with you. Don’t ever forget that. Just because something’s never been done before, doesn’t mean it will never be done in the future. Or even right now.

All this is to say, I’m thrilled to report that for all of you brick & mortar Barnes & Noble Bookstore fans, starting today, THE MEMORY BOX is available in-store! It’s an indie dream come true. This self-published book has made it to Broadway! (and West 82nd Street, just saying). And to 273 other B&N stores nationwide. If you don’t see it in your town, just ask for it. They’ll be super happy to oblige. To all of my self-published author friends: #dontgiveup #anythingispossible

To celebrate this occasion, I’m running my super special #B&NSkypeBookClub contest! Here’s how it goes: If you see THE MEMORY BOX in your Barnes & Noble, take a selfie, post it to your Facebook, Instagram or Twitter page and tag me. You will be entered for a chance to win! The lucky winner will get a Skype call from me during your book club discussion of THE MEMORY BOX. How fun is that? Like, I will call you at home whilst you’re sipping Merlot with your book club peeps! Anywhere in the United States. Do you know someone in Baton Rouge or Duluth or Albuquerque or Lubbock? How ’bout Wauwatosa? Well, tell them! Are you in Anchorage? Rancho Cucamonga? Lahaina? Wichita? The Memory Box is in your town. Right now. We could have book club together! I could meet your friends!! Let’s do this! #B&NSkypeBookClub #contest #tellyourfriends

Gosh, I love the smell of a bookstore!

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    • ranacom@aol.com

    • 7 years ago

    Congratulations!! This was a fun read. And the way you wrote up the contest was so inviting.

    Small note: it probably isn’t LEGALLY a contest. Contests require skill. This is more a sweepstakes. No skill required. Still, much fun and a great way to announce/publicize your achievement.



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