Where in the World is THE MEMORY BOX??

tmb beach


tmb beach

Forget about Matt Lauer and Flat Stanley, where in the world is THE MEMORY BOX?

There’s nothing more exciting for an author than to see her book popping up in places outside of her home town (okay, her home…). All authors have a not-so-secret fantasy of seeing someone on a subway or train or plane reading their book. I’m definitely one of them! So in recent weeks, you can imagine my excitement to hear of THE MEMORY BOX being spotted in or taken to the far flung reaches of the globe. You know who you are: Sue Ann in Greece, Katia in Belgium, Jane in Michigan, Sydney in Hawaii, Stacey in Myrtle Beach, Kim in Portugal, Judee in Canada, Aileen in California, Anthe in Greece, Annette in Florida, Hope in Long Island, Renee in New York, Pat in his kitchen. Inspired by your posts . . .

I thought it would be fun to track the book’s location on a virtual map. Help me, please! If you’re reading THE MEMORY BOX or see someone else reading it, tell me where! Leave a comment below telling me the location and better yet, include a photo! Or post them on Facebook and tag me! I love seeing MEMORY BOX selfies!

I was beyond flipped out to see this completely engrossed reader, (photo above) with THE MEMORY BOX on a New Jersey beach recently. Thanks, Elizabeth, for making my day! (Okay, year.)

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  1. Hi, Eva! I was just read it this week on LBI and finished it on the Garden State Parkway! It was great!

    1. I need to get to LBI, I’ve never been! Thanks for reading Lillian! How was your vacation?

      1. It was great, thanks! Only 3 days there, which is perfect for us. Good luck with your map–excellent idear.

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  3. Thanks for mentioning me as a Canadian reader, Eva– but have also seen it on a plane from Toronto to Vancouver; Vancouver to Calgary and on a ferry to Victoria, –now you know there are Canadians who are enjoying “The Memory Box!”

    1. Judee, are you kidding? Wow, that’s incredible. I wonder where they’re buying it? Do you have a bookstore in your town? And what is that a photo of next to your name, a chocolate chip cookie? It looks amazing…

      1. Thanks, Eva–it’s my famous “Everything-But-the-Kitchen-Sink-Chocolate-Chip-Cookie!”

    • ranacom

    • 10 years ago

    Loved all these comments, Eva. And your readers are so widespread. 

    Also loved talking to Margaux today. She sounded so upbeat.


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