Watching a Novelist at Work



photo by theilr

I was recently asked if I’d consider participating in a program at a local college that aims to pair professionals with Honors students who are pursuing similar careers. The goal is to forge a mentoring relationship.

After hearing some of the details of the program, I expressed my interest. It sounded like a wonderful idea. I thought about how I never had an opportunity like this when I was a student, and how beneficial it would have been.

The college administrator told me what would be expected of me, “To start, there’d be meetings with the student to chat about being a novelist and answer her questions.”

“Oh, yes. Yes,” I said, “absolutely. Anything I could do to be helpful.” I hoped my enthusiasm was obvious.

“It’s important that the student have a window into the real day-in-the-life,” she added.

“Of course.” I agreed. “That’s important.”

“So, it would be ideal if the student could shadow you.” continue reading . . .

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  1. The idea of anyone watching me write already gives me a “writer’s block!” I’m afraid I’m very comfy and informal when I write–glad you resolved that bit quickly, Eva!

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