THE MEMORY BOX downloaded 27,452 times in 3 days

photo by James Cridland
photo by James Cridland


It’s been an incredible week. In the last three days, THE MEMORY BOX Kindle edition has been downloaded 27,452 times. It’s been ranked #1 for three days consecutively in its genre on the free Kindle chart and #10 overall. To say that my expectations have been drastically exceeded, is an understatement.

Believe me, I know who’s responsible for this. You are. If I didn’t have the greatest supporters in the world: friends, and friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends, who read my book and took the time to write a review and posted it to Amazon, Goodreads or Barnes and Noble, this would not have happened. I told you that reviews matter and this is proof. Some of you said, ‘I don’t know how to write a review’, ‘you don’t need mine you’ve already got 3’, or ‘who’s gonna care what I’ve got to say’. But people DO care what you have to say. In fact, go look at your review now. Even you are getting ranked!

My goal with this 3 day Amazon promotion was to gain visibility. It’s really hard for a self-published author who’s writing and designing and editing, and distributing, and negotiating, and marketing and publicizing, to have a significant impact reaching people on their own. How many people can one person reach? But, I’m not just one person anymore, because I’ve got all of you. And unbeknownst to you, you’ve had incredible success! You’ve been spreading the word in your individual way: by getting excited, sharing your enthusiasm, cheering me on, telling people about my book and writing reviews that people have read and listened to. Guess how many people listened? 27,452!!! Go you!

Thank you dear friends and friends of friends. I so appreciate you. For all of you who’ve just downloaded THE MEMORY BOX, thank you; I hope you enjoy it. And don’t forget, your reviews matter too! They’ll help reach the next 27,452 book lovers. They’ve already started showing up. Yesterday, I read a review from someone I don’t know. A person from Ohio. It made me cry. I know that doesn’t surprise many people who know me, since it takes very little to get me teary. But, the review made me choke up. To think that something I created (the very thing that caused frequent bouts of uncertainty) could have this kind of impact on someone was incredible. It really got me right there. What an amazing week. I’m gonna remember it for a long time … cause it’s going in the memory box.

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  1. That’s awesome news, Eva! Congratulations!

    1. Thank you, Jill!

  2. That’s fantastic news, great job, Eva! Loved the book and if my review helped sell a few, awesome! ~nan

    1. Your review helped a ton, Nan, thanks for taking the time, and for reading! Eva

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    Congratulations Eva! Amazing!

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko
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    1. Thanks for spreading the news, Paulette!

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  5. So very exciting!

    1. Thanks, Kim!

    • Mary + Marcia

    • 10 years ago


    1. Thank you, Bun!! Will miss you on Sunday (unhappy face…).

  6. Congratulations, Eva! All my best for your continued success!

    1. Thank you, Eva! Same to you!!

  7. That’s great, Eva! I got “The Memory Box” when you put an announcement up on She Writes under the Thriller Writer’s group. I look forward to reading it. 🙂

    1. Hello She Writes Thriller Sista! Thanks so much for downloading THE MEMORY BOX. I hope you like it!

  8. Eva – Congratulations!! You must feel fantastic. I’m so happy for you! Ann

    1. thanks a lot, Ann!

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