Rankings, Reviews and Rewards, oh my

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What a week it’s been for THE MEMORY BOX. To my astonishment and squealing delight, it achieved the ranking of #1 on Amazon Kindle for American Literature! That lasted a few days which provided enough time for me to bask in the sunshine of this incredible honor. Also, at different times this week, it ranked #1 in Psychological Thrillers and Contemporary Women’s Fiction. This, of course, means that THE MEMORY BOX found lots of new readers this week and many have already left their thoughts on Amazon. If you are one of those people, thank you so very much for taking the time to do so. All of them are very important to me. A few from the last couple of days:

“Holy Moly.”

“This book made me paranoid to ever Google myself again.”

“My heart was pounding through the entire book.”

“An ending that will shock you.”

And my personal favorite:

“This book makes you wonder if the author is as crazy as the character in the story.” 

I think I will tackle that in a future blog post!

What more could an author ask for? I was pretty much hyperventilating the entire week. But it was yesterday’s browsing on Amazon which yielded one of the best thrills of the last seven days. On Amazon, there seems to be a ranking for just about everything, so maybe it shouldn’t be surprising that there’s a list titled: Most Popular Authors in Literary Fiction. It was, however, not only surprising that I should find myself on that list, but extraordinary that I ranked #15 right under Harper Lee and Gillian Flynn! Thank goodness I had the presence of mind to screen shot it!

Hopefully this hangover will last a while. I know how fortunate it is to have had a week like this. It’s a wonderful affirmation of the rewards that a combination of hard work, diligence, and determination, bring. (And maybe, just a little bit of crazy . . . )


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  2. It’s a wonderful WELL DESERVED affirmation of the rewards that a combination of hard work, diligence, and determination, bring.

    I am SO happy for you—and for all the readers who now know what a fantastic writer you are!

    1. Thank you, Candace, you are so very kind. <3

  3. Congratulations! I just finished reading the book. Loved it. Great fun. (But then, I have a somewhat twisted sense of what constitutes “fun”.)

    1. Hi Scotti! thanks for stopping by and for reading The Memory Box. I’m so glad you liked it. Now I just have to find a million more “fun” seekers like you!

    • Lillie Bryen

    • 9 years ago

    Eva Natiello IS crazy- crazy talented and crazy smart.
    What a ride this book is on. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

    1. The reviewer might have meant a different “crazy” but thank you for your generous and kind interpretation!

  4. This is so exciting–that’s so wonderful, Eva! Now you have more new Readers and fans waiting for your next memorable book. . . .

    1. I hope you’re right, Judee!

  5. Way to go!

  6. thanks, Eva!

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