Kindle Countdown Deal for THE MEMORY BOX

photo by Seth Dodson
photo by Seth Dodson

Don’t quote me on this, but someone just told me that you can get the Kindle version of The Memory Box today for only $2.99. That’s crazy. All the thrills, chills, twists and turns for $2.99?? AND the shocking ending?? Well, no. Sadly, you don’t get the last chapter for that special price of $2.99. But still, that’s a great buy. Only kidding! Of course you get the last chapter! But sadly, that’s ALL you get. You don’t get the beginning. Or the middle. But still, that’s a freaking amazing price. Only kidding! Of course you get the whole dang thing! The thrills, chills, twists, turns, AND the shocking ending. Now that’s what I call an unpassupable, freaking amazing great deal. AND did you know that you can read a Kindle on any device? Yes. Yes you can. Just download the Kindle app. And Viola! or Voila! (I always mix up those two, but thought I’d leave it for all you flower and/or string instrument lovers out there…) Just download the app and Bam! you can be reading The Memory Box before lunch. Or, if you’re like me, you’ve already eaten lunch, so, before dinner!

photo by Meg
photo by Meg

Which is the best time to start reading a book because then you’ll have the rest of the night to read. Which you’ll want — to get to the shocking ending.

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    • Lillie Bryen

    • 10 years ago

    Great post – love voila/viola! Great pics – morning Starbucks and evening wine – a perfect day.

    1. As long as there’s Ben & Jerry’s for lunch, I agree!

  1. Love love LOVE this book!

    1. Dearest Memory Box Copy Editor, the affection is returned!

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  3. As I mentioned before, I wrote in your novel in the Goodreads Choice Awards. Hope I am not the only one as it is a great read. ~nan

    1. Thank you, Nan! How exciting! I will have to wait and see…

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