Evolution of Libraries: What That Means for Self-Published Books




I had the pleasure, recently, to be the guest speaker at the annual reception of LUCC: Libraries of Union County Consortium, to share my story as a self-published author. It was an eye-opening evening as I listened in on discussions about the state of libraries, what they mean to the community in which they serve, and the ever-expanding array of services they provide.


The thing I was most struck by was how libraries are able to evolve while staying committed to their traditional principal of democratization. For a public institution which started sometime in the 1700s (an exact date and location is subject of debate) it has strong traditional roots. But take a close look at libraries today and you will be impressed by how they are modernizing and staying in check with advances in how books, newspapers, and magazines are read, how people access information and media, and advances in technology. Their willingness and ability to stay relevant is driven by their mission to build community. So now, you can find books in myriad formats. Many of which you never need to leave your house to borrow. Same with music and movies. continue reading

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  2. Well said, Eva. In Britain, the government is making cuts to libraries. Many are having to close. It’s an aberration.

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