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photo by temporalata
photo by temporalata

A sunny day at the beach is a sugar high. A shot of euphoria.

Warm crests of sand meet the underneaths of your knees. It molds to the small of your back and clings to your toes like sugar to a cruller.

A light breeze carries the frothy laughter of others. It lifts the ends of your hair and swirls around your neck. Your shoulders feel the warm tingling love of the sun. The water is crisp and clean and tickles your toes but not your ankles because you’re a camel not a dolphin. Your family teases you for it, and they splash you from afar.

So you read a thoughtful book that has you contemplating what you’ll be when you grow up. What you could be. Most of all, what you want to be.

At the end of the day the beach crashes you like a sugar high. You curl into yourself and draw your towel up toward your chin and sleep a half sleep. Lazy waves succumb, collapse and inch up the shore. The soft pop of clam holes appear magically along wet sand. Metal pulleys clank listlessly against the mast of a sail boat.

You float in and out of your half sleep and its sweet dream, and lucky for you, as good as this dream may be, it’s not nearly as good as your reality.

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  1. Jealous. I know just what you mean. Wish I was there too. Sounds fabulous.

    1. wish you were here! what fun we’d have!!

    • Peggy Natiello

    • 11 years ago

    If you came to Sedona, aZ today you would get a look at ‘green envy’. Even the photo made me cry a little.
    Landlocked Peggy

    1. Wish you were here too, Peggy! You may need a trip to the ocean. Wonderfully spiritual, restorative, inspirational. All the things you love!

    • Lillie bryen

    • 11 years ago

    That is sheer bliss. And the camels of the world will thank you for coming out of the closet and being true to who you are!

    1. Dear Fellow Camel, we will go to the beach soon and hang out on the sand. And I promise it won’t rain!

    • Ann Ormsby

    • 11 years ago

    Eva – This reads like poetry. Very nice! Was at the beach last week and experienced all of this but couldn’t describe it as wonderfully as you did!! Ann

    1. Thanks Ann. Appreciate you stopping by. Hope you get some more beach time in before sweater weather! See you soon…

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