#AuthorsAgainstHunger — Authors Help Fight Food Insecurity


Thanksgiving is coming and thoughts inevitably go to celebrations of food and family. Unfortunately, an alarming number of families in the U.S. experience hunger and food insecurity. It’s become even more dire due to the pandemic.

Enter #AuthorsAgainstHunger.

#AuthorsAgainstHunger is designed to raise awareness and desperately needed funds. The people who need it most often don’t discuss food insecurity with family/friends. This campaign bolsters the organizations they quietly reach out to.

A huge THANK YOU to this list of authors, writers, essayists, poets, illustrators, screenwriters, journalists who are participating in #AuthorsAgainstHunger! have volunteered their time and expertise! They’re offering 15-minute consultations to anyone who donates $25 to one of the following food insecurity organizations:

  • Your local food pantry or local food bank
  • Feeding America
  • No Kid Hungry
Are you a writer who’s looking for advice on publishing, querying, writing, pitching, self-publishing, or manuscript feedback, etc??
Check out the every-growing list of authors et al., below and reach out to them on Facebook or Twitter or their websites to express your interest. Then donate directly to one of the organizations and take a screenshot of your receipt, send it to the author and schedule your consultation! Fifteen minutes later you both have supported hunger relief and spread the spirit of Thanksgiving.
Are you an author, writer, journalist, illustrator, essayist, etc. who would like to participate?
We need you! Private message me on FB, Twitter or through my website. Let’s do this!
People suffering from food insecurity are turning more and more to private orgs for assistance as  federal programs shrink. FYI: A $1 donation to Feeding America pays for 10 meals!! 
This campaign was inspired by author Jessica Keener’s brilliant #AuthorsAgainstBorderAbuse campaign last year, during which thousands of dollars were raised. Let’s do it again!
Participating authors at the time of this posting:
Angela Ackerman
William Armitage
Jerry Aylward
Alexa Bigwarfe
Marlene Brill
Debbie Burke
Valerie Bolling
Michelle Cameron
Robin Catalano
Lindsey Danis
Kathleen Donnelly
Susan Bacon Dynerman
Tammy Euliano
Debra Feldman
Jenny Garden
Judy Gelman
Rosie Genova
Anthony Giordano
Robin Gregory
Carrie Hayes
Leeza Hernandez
Patsy Heyman
Katey Howes
Jessica Keener
Rosanne Kurstedt
Jenny Milchman
Eva Lesko Natiello
Victor A. Pollak
Becca Puglisi
Gabrielle Robinson
Lisa Romeo
Betsey Rosenfield
Traci Rosow
G.G. Silverman
David Shapiro
Mary Sheriff
Jennifer Steil
Liza Nash Taylor
Al Tucher
Laurie Wallmark
Joyce Yarrow
Gina Yates
Peter Zheutlin

Bruce Harris
Susan Bacon Dynerman
P.S. Many have asked if they can donate without signing up for a consultation—YES!
P.P.S. My Facebook post has live links to the above authors.

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